Our boards are made in FXL, FUSION XTRA LIGHT construction. Tough and every inch of the board is glued with precision, made by a selected and experienced production team. 

Fusion Double Layer, X light construction. Exclusive on STX boards.

FEATHER LIGHT construction
The lightest inflatable boards on the market. Woven fabric weighs less. It prevents the material to stretch and holds more tension. 

A stiff board transfers the power into speed, not into bending. 
Woven fabric weight stretch diagonal hold more tension. Your STX board is one of the stiffest boards on the market. 

Although we recommend 15 PSI, every single FXL made board can be inflated beyond 20 PSI. Again another advantage of our FXL technology. 

Tensile strength test show a 50% improvement on Fusion DL. Tearing strength shows even a 100% increase on Fusion DL. 

STX boards are made to last. Double layer bottom and deck, double layer rails and the best components on the market today. 


Fusion Double Layer, X light construction.
Exclusive on STX boards. 


Smooth, extra grippy, maximum comfort and strong. Our well known EVA deckpad. By using the core and honey grip we have 2 densities of grip. The 2 densities create more grip and comfort paddling.


Smooth, grippy, maximum comfort and strong. Our well known EVA deckpad. 

Kick pad

Our new rised kick pad gives more grip for fast turns or riding waves.

Premium details

  • HONEYGRIP; smooth, grippy, maximum comfort and strong our well known EVA deckpad
  • CORE GRIP; stance area gripdeck with increased grip worked into the EVA
  • KICKPAD; all pure SUP inflatable boards have a kickpad for increased grip, steering and control
  • Stainless steel attachment ring
  • Grab handle with neoprene cover
  • Stainless steel D-rings for docking the boards, for a strong connection with anything you wish
  • Storage bungee for your bag on all SUP boards
  • High pressure valves. Up to 20 PSI, preferred 15 PSI
  • Double layer, fusion, deck and bottom
  • Premium air valves


  • STX pump with fold up stands and vario handles to minimize size and packaging
  • STX AIR travel backpack with space for pump, board, paddle and the standard repairkit

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