Inflatable SUP

At STX we strive to make the sports we are passionate about accessible for all. Premium quality products are sourced from the world’s leading suppliers, offering a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing range that caters to every level. We combine careful attention to detail and utilize superior technology. This dedication has ensured STX’s continued and a steady growth on every continent. In short, we offer a great collection that is both affordable and promises quality.
Inflatable SUP 9’8″ Freeride
Inflatable SUP 9’8″ Freeride Windsurf Option
Inflatable SUP 10’6″ Freeride
Inflatable SUP 11’6″ Tourer Blue
Inflatable SUP 11’6″ Tourer Orange
Inflatable SUP 11’6″ Windsurf option
Inflatable SUP 12’6″ Race
Inflatable SUP 12’6″ Race Orange
Inflatable SUP 12’6″ Race Blue
Glass Composite 3 piece paddle
Alloy 3 Piece paddle
Evolve Rig