Giant XXL

Windsurfing, Teaching, Tandem windsurfing, dive platform, SUP board for 8/10 people….. you name it. The GIANT STX, of course in the most sturdy construction available on the market. Wider than anything out there and complete with 4 strong US finboxes, 10 carry handles, double Valves and did we mention FUN? Yes, FUN it is, to the max!

Technical info:

Lenght: 510 cm
Width: 200 cm
Thickness: 20 cm
Volume: 1600 liters

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• Two MASTBASE connections for windsurfing rigs
• 4 fins, US box
• 10 carry handles
• Two pump valves
• Two pumps.

Fusion Technolgy makes this board stiff, durable and light.

Download the user manual here

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