What a beauty this is. The powerstick for quick acceleration, for unlimited speeds, quick reflex and durability.

The most important part of a rig, your MAST! At the outset, there are a few great features that all STX mast models share. High Modulas wrapped  prevent long term wear and scratches.  Pre-Preg made out of the best high tech aerospace fibres.

Size IMCS Weight
340 15 2100
370 17 2230
400 19 2280
430 21 2300

Several core factors can affect a mast’s overall performance. You better spend more money on a good mast then invest on an expensive sail. This piece of gear should match your specific riding style and expectations.

The STX C60 RDM is the best mast if you are looking for a durable mast with high reflex speed.

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